How to get more mobile traffic from Facebook

Published: 20th March 2012
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Facebook during its recent IPO filing revealed an astonishing figure in that 50% of its traffic comes from mobile devices. This is itself a huge figure and represents a number that is by far much higher than your average website. This figure is likely to reach something closer to 65% by the end of the year which means that already most of the views that a Facebook profile receives will come from mobile devices.
This should give many businesses something important to think about and those who haven’t already should really be thinking carefully about how to fully optimise their Facebook profiles so as to more closely engage with mobile users, get more likes and make more friends.
Here’s a list of useful tips so as to really help optimise that profile,

Organic Search
This may sound weird but your profile itself needs to be well optimised on Google. When setting up a profile many people just imagine that it’ll be discovered within Facebook but this isn’t always the case. So how does a FB profile become well optimised in Google, well.... follow these tips,
Place some strong keywords within your profile name. In doing so you will be optimising the title and URL of your profile.
Make the most of info fields such as “About Us” and “Description”. Include keywords within the content but as you would as if optimising a website don’t be spammy in your approach, keep it natural. Local businesses should include reviews from Google Places and other review centres – this will provide more keyword rich content.
When linking from your site to Facebook don’t just use the same “Link to us on Facebook” text that every man and his dog use. Instead include your brand name as the link anchor text.
If you are a brand new business with a new website or just happen to have a brand new website then in many ways you should make the initial effort in getting ranked on mobile devices for your Facebook page rather than the website. You may find that the Facebook profile has a higher pagerank and more chance of getting higher faster than your website.
Link to the Facebook profile from other social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Google+. When doing so always include the brand name in the anchor text (if allowed).

Paid Mobile Search
Nowadays a lot of brands are using Facebook profiles as the destination for many paid search campaigns instead of using their own sites. The great advantage in this is the mobile friendly design of Facebook mobile (obviously!) and the fact visitors can then go on to “like” the page or recommend it to their friends.
So how can you make the most of mobile search from paid ads?
Ensure that your ad directs the user to the correct landing page. Be aware that non logged in users will be redirected to the mobile Facebook info page. You can change which page a user goes to by altering the destination URL. Be sure to include the “m.”
Always remember that when driving users to mobile Facebook they will often have to enter the password and login details. Many will abandon the process at this point thus costing you time and money for wasted clicks – having said this Facebook is the most popular app on both iOS and Android and if a user has the app installed they are automatically signed in.
In order to access a brands profile just view the source on the Facebook profile and find the page id code. This means you can open the app to your info page using the right code.

Mobile search has increased hugely in recent years and it’s only going to get bigger. Many sites appear to be unprepared for the higher number of mobile searches taking place and it’s vital that they ensure their website or social networking profile is ready.

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